The OA Team !

Teachers, Scout Leaders, Outdoor Pursuits Instructors, Event Mangers, Scientists, Musicians, Designers... Just a few of the skills and qualifications our staff have! Read on & meet the team. 

Tom Edghill- Director/ Outdoor Education Teacher/ Explorer Scout Leader


Specialist areas

Rifle shooting, Axe throwing, Archery, Teambuilding, First aid, Climbing, bushcraft and survival skills, Catering & Management.


I have spent the majority of my life outside and learning from the great outdoors! Recent greatest achievement - Completing Hadrian's wall in 5 days. 


Favourite quote: 

We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!

Chris Quinn - Director/ Deputy Head Teacher/ Explorer Scout Leader


Specialist areas

Archery, survival training, first aid,climbing, water sports, planning, logistics and management.


I love the outdoors and my most recent adventure consisted of walking coast to coast on Hadrian's Wall in 5 days. 


Favourite quote: It's not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the one that is most responsive to change. Darwin. 

Chris Mole - Lead instructor & Camp Co-ordinator / Trainee Teacher


Speciality areas

Archery, shooting, axe throwing, team building, survival & camp co-ordination

Latest & greatest achievement: Learning to surf and testing my skills abroad on some BIG WAVES! 


Favourite quote: When you're going through hell... Keep going. Churchill 


Luke Mcconnell-  Lead instructor & Camp Co-ordinator / Music student.


Speciality areas

Archery, shooting, axe throwing, team building, survival, campfires & camp co-ordination

Latest & greatest achievement: Pulling off some tricky moves on my skate board and improving my lead climbing ability. 


Favourite quote: if opportunity doesn't knock... Build a door!


Chris Smith:  Builder, adventure instructor and lover of all things truck like.


Eliie Jones: She is the email and indoor centre queen. Adventure instructor, team building lead and not too bad on the old arrows. 


Scott Slack: Adventure instructor, archery lead and general legend.




Roberto! Guitar loving hipster and adventure instructor. He Also has a talent for rustling up some top nosh. 


Lucia: Football loving physio. Adventure instructor and archery lead. 

The Profit: Footbal loving sports star and adventure instructor. Loves a good game of laser tag and can riggle through our caving system in record time.

Wedderburn: Too cool for school. Archery instructor, team build lead and runs one of the best holiday clubs known to man. He can shift loads of gear aswell. 

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